TacSense has Invented the World’s Most Sensitive Flexible Tactile Sensors


Tactile Artificial Intelligence Enabled by Flexible Iontronic Sensing Technology

Main Business

TacSense has developed the world's most sensitive and flexible tactile sensing technology, known as the Flexible Iontronic Sensing technology (FITS). It utilizes proprietary ionic materials to establish an ionic-electronic interface in respond to mechanical stimuli. It provides real-time high-quality noise-immune tactile/force signals in a mechanically flexible, optically transparent, and ultrathin package.

Flexible Sensors

Sensing Modules

Tactile Solutions

Product Lines


Most Sensitive Tactile Sensors

Highly sensitive and
transparent tactile sensors


FPC – Integratable Sensors

Temperature tolerant and highly
integratabtle tactile sensors


All Fabric Sensors

All fabric, skin-conforming, and
moisture-proof tactile sensors