We Have Pioneered in the Flexible Iontronic Sensing Technology.

Tactile Sensing

TacSense is a high-tech startup company that spun off from the University of California, Davis and have since developed the world’s most sensitive and flexible human sensing interfaces, known as the Flexible Iontronic Sensing (FITS) technology. The company strives to address global demands in various markets such as medical, consumer, robotic and automobile. To address the issue that still remains within the market demand for high-precision and ultra-flexible mechanical sensing modalities, TacSense has pioneered to fill that innovation gap by providing ultrasensitive tactile sensors, flexible human-sensing interfaces, and wearable health monitors, in addition to consulting services with these emerging directions. TacSense’s headquarter is located in California with its production headquarters in China.


What started from a lab research at UC Davis has grown to be the world’s most intelligent tactile sensors.

April 2015

FITS technology has been translated from University of California, Davis

October 2015

Granted first patent by US Patent and Trademark Office

April 2016

Established R&D office in California

July 2017

Entered market in Asia

September 2017

Joined PNP incubator

March 2018

Established facility in Shenzhen, China

November 2018

Received Sacramento Innovation Award 2018

January 2019

Showcase in Eureka Park CES 2019